I was raised with a camera in hand: at home, with friends, and even at school, I never had a choice but to participate.  Photography quickly went from a curiosity and turned into a passion. 

With a camera in hand, I was given unfettered access to people, places and events. It allowed me to view the world form a different perspective and today, I would like to share that access with you. 

I've had the opportunity to travel at a young age, and by the the time i was 18, I spent 2 months alone in the Sesse Islands of Uganda. Today, Photography is my profession. Based in the great city of Toronto, I try to mix my access to hidden worlds and my passion of story telling to provide a glimpse to the world behind the curtain.

To date, I've shot assignments here in Canada, Ethiopia, Uganda, South Africa and Lebanon for companies like the CFL (Canadian Football League), Concern World Wide, Street Kids International, The Mango Fund and Red Chilli Hideaway. 

With portraits, 360° panoramas and interactive virtual tours, I try  to give everyone the access to the people and places and faces I have been privileged to come across.